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Character Year Book Awards:

Who do you think deserves the following awards for our Nutmeg Character Year Book? Tell who and why you think that below the award name. Please do not delete another reader's nomination for any award, just add your own underneath what is already written.


Best Friend: Luther from Bucking the Sarge because even though Sparky did many ridiculous things, Luther tried to help him and warn him that these tasks would get him nowhere. He also took good care of chester X and his secret.
Most Interesting: Olaf from the The Sea of Trolls because even though he is a big strange man he can also be very nice and intelligent when he wants to be.
Most Courageous: Ingrid from Down The Rabbit Hole because she is only about 12 years old and solved a murder.
Most Clever: Annabeth from The Lightning thief. Her smarts with mythology saved the trio a few times. Like when they met "Auntie M."
Most Unique: Percy Jackson from The Lightning Thief because He is the son of the Greek God Poseidon, the great god of the sea.
Most Trustworthy: Seikei from In Darkness, Death because he is a samurai so his duty is to be loyal and do whatever he is told.