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Who Said It?

Who said the following? Write your answer and add another "Who Said It?"
Who said it?
What book?
"When I was young, I named him Smelly Gabe."
Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief
"A criminal disturbs the proper order of things like a stone that falls into a pond. If you follow the circles that ripple through the water, you will come back to the stone."
Judge Ooka
In Darkness, Death
"Why does everyone want to die? What's wrong with living?"
The Sea of Trolls
"Bet your whole life's hit the fan and your taking off. I'm a real good guesser."
Kate Kovac!
"The cat that curiosity killed, I am talking about."
Ingrid's dad
"God-for once I just want to see an animal and not have to kill it!"

"It had been it my wallet for so many years, that I had to give it a name-I called it Chauncey."
Luther T. Farrell
Bucking the Sarge
"Holy Christmas, will you look at that!"

"Who was in CYA?"

"Why don't we have a few more moshi-moshi before they get here and eat them all?"

"Luck? Ah, you know what good luck is? It's being too bloody stubborn to die through all the bad luck that's come first."

"The only friends you'll have are the ones you buy!"
Jack Ward, The Last Apprentice
"Anything interesting happen today?"

"Thirty, twenty nine"