We expect all participants to follow the guidelines listed below. In order to ensure the respect and safety for all participants, we will remove users from the wiki when these guidelines are not being followed. Students will be monitored throughout the use of Wikispaces. is a password protected and monitored wiki that will be accessed through EASTCONN, one of the Connecticut’s Regional Education Service Centers. Students participating in the Spice it up a Notch with Nutmeg! online project will be using this program to engage in literature discussions and write collaboratively online with other students.

In order to ensure student protection and safety on the Internet and the respect of everyone involved, we ask that you follow the guidelines for appropriate and safe Internet behavior listed below.

You will be issued a user name by their teacher in order to join the project wiki. User names need to follow specific guidelines and must not be changed by students.

· Passwords are for your use only! Passwords are not to be shared with ANYONE inside or outside the classroom.
· If you think your password may have become public for any reason, see your teacher immediately to have your password changed.
· Sign out of Wikispaces before leaving your computer.
· Do not save your password to your computer.
· Do not let anyone else type on Wikispaces under your name.

· Communicate only on the discussion tabs following each book page. Do not use the email portion of the wikispace.
· Be respectful at all times!
· Be inclusive in your conversations and replies.
· Use appropriate language.
· Disagree with the idea, not the person.
· When retelling an experience, say “I know someone who…” rather than using someone’s name.
· Do not use “put-downs”, call names, “yell” (using all capitals), or use terms such as “duh” in your responses.
· Disagree respectfully, using the etiquette of debate and discourse.
· Re-read responses for meaning before posting.
· Edit spelling and grammar before posting.
· Use standard written language in wikis, blogs and discussion boards.
· Think before you reply! Submitted work will be considered published and public to the participants of this project.

The email section of the wiki is not where you should be communicating to other students. Email should only be used if you have a question for the site coordinators (eastconn) that you need answered, or when you have important information that needs to be shared with all members of the site.

Printable English version of Student Contract with student and parent signature

Printable Spanish version of Student Contract with student and parent signature