How to Use This Wiki

There are two ways you can use this Wiki. You can use it to discuss the Nutmeg books using the discussion feature. You can also use the Edit this Page feature to collaborate with others on the creation of an encyclopedia full of information related to the Nutmeg books. The goal of this wiki is to write articles about the Nutmeg books, providing users of this wiki with links to more information so that they can better understand the article and the story. As you read the Nutmeg books, keep track of the names of things, people, and placed mentioned in the book that you would like to research. Then, research one or more of those topics and use that research to write articles about the Nutmeg books.

How to Discuss the Books

Click here for directions.

How to Use the Edit this Page Feature

  1. Take a look at what people have already added by clicking on the book titles on the Navigation bar.
  2. Look at some examples of books on Wikipedia.
  3. Take a look at Jackie's Wild Seattle to see an example of an article in progress.
  4. Learn how to use a wiki by watching the video tutorials and printing out the help.
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    Wiki Help
  5. Next, review the Wiki Rules.
  6. Then, add information about the Nutmeg books to the wiki. Include links, pictures, and anything else that would provide people with information about the books.
Here are some ideas:

  • Write about the characters in the story.
  • Write information about the setting. What are some interesting facts about where and when the story takes place?
  • Write about the problem or conflict.
  • Tell about the point of view.Who is telling the story?
  • Write a summary about the plot.
  • Write about the climax. What was the turning point in the story?
  • Write about the resolution.
  • What is the author's message?
  • Write a book review
  • Write about the author.
  • What other books has the author written?
  • Is there a person, place, or thing that you might research and write a new page about? For example, go to Jackie's Wild Seattle and find the character Shannon. Click on the phrase "rock climbing". It will take you to a page written by a student. This student did some research on rock climbing and wrote a page about what rock climbing is.

Be sure to visit the Classroom Web Pages to see who else is working on the wiki.
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