Here is an opportunity to write "what happens next" in the story. If the book hadn't ended, what do you think the next chapter might look like? The only requirement is that it somehow is connected and makes sense with the rest of the story. Remember that a wiki is a collaborative environment so, be open to other participants’' adding to your ideas.

After a while of just hanging out taking a break Seikei and Judge Ooka went back to work only this time it was a much more serious and personal reason that they went out on a journey. Seikei's father was kidnapped and now they had to get him back from the evil, the maniacal, the vicious, the terrible, did i say evil yet??? Well anyways his dad was kidnapped by a walking talking wierd looking turtle. His name was Donatello. He wore a purple hat. His address was all that they knew. It was sewer number 32 in New York. They found that out by going through his police records. So again they were off again only this time they were on their way to America