Welcome to the Teen Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg! 2008 Wiki

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What is the Spice it Up a Notch With Nutmeg! wiki?
Students from schools and homes are creating this wiki as part of a collaborative online project called "Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg!"

The goal of this project is to create an encyclopedia for the Nutmeg Book Award 2008 nominees. Each book will have its own page full of information related to the book. As they read the Nutmeg Book Award 2008 nominees, participating students are encouraged to add information, ideas, comments, opinions, pictures, maps, and anything else related to the books. Students will collaborate on the same pages, editing, enhancing and revising each other's content where they see fit. Click here to see an example.

The wiki project will be available on the Internet for anyone to read and use. Kids, teachers, book reviewers, parents, professors, librarians and others will be able to use the articles in the encyclopedia to learn about and add information related to the Nutmeg books.

Book Pages
Each Nutmeg book has its own page. As students add information, a wikipedia about each book is created.
Each page has a discussion board where students can talk to each other about the book as well as the content on the page.

Other Pages
Students can visit the other pages such as Character Yearbook and Persuasion Corner to participate in activities related to all of the book nominees. Classrooms can add their own activity pages for others to participate in.

How do We Join?
Visit the Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg! information page to read about the project.
Join the project by sending an e-mail to sblc@eastconn.org. Include your name, grade level and school.

How do We Get Started on the Wiki?
To get started, go to How to Use This Wiki.